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Nordstrom's Review - Great customer service!! Sale price adjustment
Nordstrom's Review

Nordstrom's Review


Great customer service!! Sale price adjustment

We've received your message - a customer service representative will be with you shortly.

You have been connected to John O.

John O: Hello and welcome to Nordstrom, Amy!

John O: I see your question: Do you have a policy on price adjustments?

Amy: Hi yes

John O: We offer sale adjustments as well as price matching services for our customers.

Amy: I ordered some jeans online less than a month and noticed that they have gone on sale.. how would I go about getting the sale adjustment?

John O: For clarification, are you looking for a sale adjustment? Or a price match with one of our competitors?

John O: Thank you.

John O: I can assist you with this here.

John O: May I have your order number please?

Amy: i'll need to find it one minute

John O: Thank you.

Amy: I can't find the email

Amy: is there another way to look it up?

John O: May I have your last name and billing zip code please?

Amy: Walz 53132

John O: Thank you. It will be just one moment please, while I locate your order in our system.

John O: For security purposes, would you please verify the street name for the billing address?

Amy: Dory Dr

John O: Thank you. I have your order for the Paige Premium Denim 'Pico' Flap Pocket Stretch Jeans (Midnight Rocker), item 93363, size 28 in view now.

John O: Thank you for your patience, Amy. I show you paid $117.90 and currently this is on sale for $78.90. A credit in the amount of $39.00, plus any tax if applicable, will be issued to your MasterCard account ending in 5324. Please note, your credit will be reflected on your next billing statement according to your billing cycle.

Amy: Okay great!

John O: You are welcome! Is there anything else I can assist you with at this time?

Amy: That's it, thank you very much!

John O: Thank you for visiting Nordstrom. Have a great day, Amy. If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to visit Live Chat again or reach us 24 hours a day at 1.888.282.6060.

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fvert says: (9 years ago)
ordstrom Sales Associate in Fashion Valley (Current Employee)
“Employee's on the bottom of the Food Chain”
Cool/Hip to dress
Air Conditioning

Horrofic Managing
Store Manager is incompetent and unable to handle routine customer service issues.
Co-Worker's stealing Customers
Personal Trade
Rude snobby customers (although that exist's everywhere)

If you are working at "The Rail", You have to average atleast $1,300.00 in Sales or 50% above the department average or you are gone like the wind. Every customer who walks in your department KNOWS your job and will feel bad for you eventually. They'll be nice and buy something and return it back. (Comes off your Commisssion). You get a 45 day period review. Basically since your managers are using you to keep their own problems secure they'll toss you in a heartbeat. No one i've ever met actually survived Nordstrom more than 4 months. Things get ugly in this place people. Just giving you a fair warning. Because we are in the "bottom" of the Food Chain.
Advice to Senior Management
You have to take care of your employee's much better. You can't just lay off people. If you don't know what to do with your employee's offer them another spot. Managing is awful in Nordstrom. You guys are just using new employee's to take care of your own problems and then terminate people in 2 months. It's a big cycle and it's a matter of time when this company will fall to it's abyss.

sickofthisguy says: (9 years ago)
PS... You just MADE me a guaranteed Nordstrom customer just from you moronic attitude... I went and bought them to support them and make sure idiots like you never win. I spent 4K too! Haha!

sickofthisguy says: (9 years ago)
You have to be the worst human insect on the planet. For yo uto not understand that your behavior is way out of line is beyond me. I hope that you as an engineer get to one day be treated as poorly as you have treated this poor lady. She did not deserve your crappy attitude and I can only hope that karma will catch up with you. You say you have core principles. I would disagree. I say you have no principles and wish people like you would move to Russia or Afghanistan. You totally suck and I hope you loose a lot of your "status" and once again become a worthless skater fool. I cannot emphasize just how foolish this commentary makes you look and just how dumb you obviously are. I commend Nordstroms for their handling of your bogus and ridiculous demands. Since when do you feel you have the right to tell someone else how to run their business and what policies they must adhere to... you are jerk, plain and simple and I can only hope I never ever have you as a customer... I wouldn't ever want a single penny of your pathetic life to ever be in mine. You dress well... HA! Well good for you... shows where your core values are doesn't it. Ahole.

billyRay says: (10 years ago)
When I was eighteen years old, I was a “skater” type: Long hair, shabby clothes, etc. I didn't make much money at all, and thus dealt with the criticism associated with being less presentable. That summer, as I was heading to the mall with a friend, his mother asked us to return a pair of shoes she had recently bought at Nordstrom and worn once. Receipt in hand, we made our way.

I admit we looked out of place, two skater punks in the womens' shoes section of Nordstrom, but we were polite people even back then. My friend approached the counter and exclaimed “I'd like to return these shoes for my mom.” The lady at the counter looked at the receipt, then the shoes, and asked “What's wrong with these shoes?”. “She didn't like the way they fit” he replied. “How many times did she wear them?”. “Once”. After speaking with another lady behind the counter, she concluded “Sorry. We can't refund these shoes since she didn't purchase them at this Nordstrom location”. It turns out she had bought them at a different Nordstrom. No big deal. He called his mom to tell her what happened and she, disappointed, asked us to get the name of the gal who turned us down.

We returned to the counter, and my friend explained his mother's request for the representative's name. Just then, the representative slammed her hands on the counter and, trembling, barked “Why don't you give me your name!?”. She proceeded on a tirade about “you people” coming in with outrageous expectations only to be interrupted by her supervisor, who said “Guys. I am her supervisor and I'm sorry, but we cannot refund those shoes for you”. She gave us the name of the representative who, at that point, was calling security on us to escort us out of the store! We had been cordial the entire time, but we stuck out like sore thumbs because of the way we appeared. Needless to say, we got the names of the ladies, and my friend's mom called Nordstrom and gave them an earful of disapproval.

The story doesn't stop there: I vowed to never spend a penny of my money at Nordstrom for the rest of my life.

A few years ago (10 years later), a friend and I were Christmas shopping in the same mall when she excitedly noticed the Nordstrom store. I told her I would not go in there, she begged me to, and I agreed to on the condition that I wouldn't buy anything. As we walked in, I began telling her the story. Then I noticed the women's shoes department. Then I noticed the lady, still working there. By this time, I was all fired up repeating the encounter passionately in the women's shoes department. My friend digressed and led me out of there (after I took down the lady's name again for my own letter to Nordstrom). I sent this story to their 'contact us' web mail, which redirected to the store manager, and ended up going nowhere (i.e. an email reply from the manager saying “I would love to hear more about your problems if you want to call and vent).

It has been nearly fifteen years now, and a lot has changed. I am an engineer earning much more, and I am together with a doctor. We dress well. My old skate clothes have been replaced with Brooks Brothers, Burberry, etc. I have held true to my vow, and have never purchased (or accepted from my girlfriend), any item originating in a Nordstrom store. My social status has changed, but my core principles have not. I am not a Nordstrom shopper.

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